A Quick Start Guide to Selling on eBay

ebay is a great entrepreneurial gateway and learning tool for kids.  It’s also a wonderful way to make money while sending fewer things to the landfill.

Now let’s get those girls started!

Quick Start Guide:

Step One:  Find what you can sell.

Clean out your room and/or playroom.  Look for things that are in great condition.  Items still in packages and/or with labels on them have a lot of potential, but there is certainly a market for used items too.  And hey kids, you need to discuss any items you’ve found with your parents before you sell them.

Step Two: Look up each of your items on ebay.

  • Are other people selling the item?
    • If no one else is selling it, there may be a reason.  But you can always list it and see what happens (using a site like Amazon to figure out your pricing).
  • Do the items look like they are in a similar condition to the one you have?
    • Remove any items from your pile that are not in good enough condition.
  • Check out the prices of the items on eBay
    • You can decide if there is a minimum amount per item you feel is worth the time it will take to list it, package it and ship it.  When my kids and I sell on eBay we usually don’t list items that are $5 or less. But this is entirely up to you.

Now you will be left with the things you want to list for sale on eBay

Step Three:  Set up your account.

eBay policy says that kid sellers can use a parent’s account, under the supervision of the adult. However, the account holder is responsible for everything done with that account.  Sign into your account or set one up if you haven’t yet.

Step Four: Create your item listings.

Once you set up your first item, the others will go more quickly.  If the item you are selling is already in the ebay database it will show you those listings and even let you duplicate and edit that information.

  • Take pictures of your items.  Check out the listings that already exist on eBay to see the angles and how many photos you should include.
  • Add your item description (you don’t have to start from scratch, look at existing descriptions on eBay and other sites that sell the item).
  • Name your price by using the other items to figure out what to charge.  These items are your competition.  You can decide to price your item the same or a little lower.  Unless there’s something better about your item, it would be difficult to get a higher price.
  • Figure out the shipping cost, you don’t want to be surprised later by the shipping cost.  Also, it’s usually a good idea to list items as shipping included, but if you do this you need to be sure you are going to make money after shipping costs!  Learn more about shipping  from eBay

My son sold about 6 items for a total of about $105 and after fees, he made approximately $95.  I would say it took about 4 hours in total and everything was sold within 2-3 weeks.

That’s more than $20 an hour plus he learned a lot through the process and decluttered the house.  I call that a win/win/win!

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