Girls Building Apps for Good


Girls see the world in a unique and wonderful way. They are empathetic and they want to make their world better.

Through my research to find stories about girls who are building apps I discovered that the vast majority of girls are using their coding powers for good.  And I mean capital G-O-O-D.

These girls (and women) have identified problems which they are driven to solve. Here are their three awesome apps:

Sit With Us

Sixteen year old, Natalie Hampton, a high school student from Sherman Oaks, California, designed this app to combat bullying and loneliness in a very direct way. Her goal is to make sure that no student eats lunch alone.

As with many insightful ideas, this one came from personal experience.  Natalie sat alone her entire seventh grade year.  Being alone at lunch day after day makes students feel lonely, vulnerable and they also become targets for bullying.

Her app allows students to join lunch groups anonymously.  This way when a student approaches a group that has said they are open to new people joining them, they know they won’t be rejected.

This app is available now, find it on the itunes app store.

Treasure Box Braille

This app for the blind is being co-developed by Canadian teen Jenny Pessack, along with her robotics team The Classy Cyborgs. It announces words and letters to blind users while it constructs the phrase in braille on a simulator — allowing kids to feel the way the sound is spelled on the gadget.  They’ve won tens of thousands of dollars to develop the app which is  is scheduled to be released in 2018.

I Will Not Shut Up (Não Me Calo)

This app was developed by a group of Brazilian women age 18 to 22.  Their app uses mapping technology to identify and rank venues that allow gender-based abuse and harassment.

This means women can avoid businesses and venues that are unsafe and instead choose those that are safe and supportive. It also provides useful data that can be shared with business owners and government representatives to fight the problem.

The app, has been called  “Yelp for women’s safety” and these female developers were the winners of The The Global Fund for Women’s 2015 Hackathon.

These inspiring stories will be followed by my next post which will have steps you can take to get the girlpreneur in your life coding and changing her world!

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