How Podcasts Can Have A Positive Impact

Alexandra Black-Paulick, the host of the Positive Impact Podcast, brings you stories from the movers and shakers who are creating a positive impact on the world.  We recently spoke about girls using entrepreneurialism to change their lives and further the greater good.  You can listen to this episode of the Positive Impact Podcast here.

I didn’t want Alexandra to be the only one asking questions!  I was interested to learn more about Alexandra’s podcast and how girlpreneurs can use podcasts to support their entrepreneurial endeavors:

Bright Girls:   Is Positive Impact Podcast your first experience as a host of a show?

Alexandra Black-Paulick:  YES! I listened to them like crazy prior to launching the Positive Impact Podcast. Since I love the format so much, I decided to explore launching my own.

Bright  Girls: What was the catalyst that got you to create the Positive Impact Podcast?

Alexandra Black-Paulick:  There were several. First, I worked with a mentor the year prior. He was focused on empowering business owners to leverage generosity to succeed in business. The natural progression lead me into social entrepreneurship. Additionally, I met John Lee Dumas last January and then again in June. A combination of his energy with my love of podcasts helped me adopt the podcast model. By October, I had launched my own.

Bright  Girls: What do you like about the podcast format,  and what do you think makes your Podcast stand out from the others?

Alexandra Black-Paulick: The versatility of the medium (You can format it in so many ways and literally bring different voices in). Additionally, I heard a story on mediums people trust. They don’t trust the television, they trust what they read a little more and then audio recordings are the most trusted (ironically the less “produced” the more trusted). It is partly because we can hear the authenticity in a voice.

I would also add that it’s an easy way to consume information. When you’re driving in your car, cooking dinner, sitting at the beach, plug in and explore new things.

As for my podcast, I really think it’s the unique two part format. With nonprofits and social enterprises, we are always curious how they make an impact. I go there, connecting with individuals who have been impacted by their work.

Bright  Girls: What has been your favorite thing about doing your show?

Alexandra Black-Paulick: The people you get to meet (like yourself). It’s such an honor to have them share their stories and to see how components of their life helped lead them to where they are with their business.

Bright  Girls:  Many girls out there have started Youtube channels, but I don’t know if podcasts have caught on yet with the tween/teen crowd.  If a girl was interested in launching a podcast, what top 2 tips do you have for her?

Alexandra Black-Paulick: It will.

There are a couple of advantages that podcasts have over YouTube channels. First, you can listen to it without streaming (or using data). As mentioned, you can listen while doing other things (mainly driving – which you will all do eventually).

I’m also going to note that you can take the audio from a YouTube and make it into a podcast. Win win right?

Top Tips:

  1. Go for it! By learning through a podcast format, you can change your mind later and create a youtube channel. Podcasting is easier and less expensive. Mainly, it’s an easier format to learn on (and better editing capabilities).
  2. Really define what you want your show to be. Who is your show for? What value you are listeners gaining from listening? What brings them back each day / week /month?
  3. BONUS ONE: Work on capturing e-mails and building a social media (probably Snap Chat) following. It will help.

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