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IAmElemental action figures are delighting girls, boys, moms, dads, and collectors (they all know something cool when they see it). Their Chief Elemental Officer,  Julie Kerwin,  launched her re-imagined action figures with an outrageously successful Kickstarter campaign.  That campaign enabled her to bring to life the first set of 7 figures, the Courage Series. And now in her infinite wisdom she’s bringing us something wonderful and new.

Wisdom Warriors/Series 2

Julie has revealed Series 2 from her action figure line, and it is simply fabulous (check out the photo)!  These will be available this summer and you can be among the first to get them by pre-ordering today.

The new action figures – called Wisdom Warriors – are Creativity, Ingenuity, Curiosity, Logic, Exploration, Mastery, and Oblivion. Each figure in the lineup comes with both a definition and a superpower. For example, Creativity uses her imagination to dream up original ideas. She has the ability to bring any object she can imagine into being. And Ingenuity is an inventive and resourceful problem solver. She has the ability to change herself to mimic her environment.

The muse for this series is Hypatia, an ancient Alexandrian philosopher, astronomer & mathematician.  Legend has it that she even drove her own chariot around Alexandria – which was unheard of at the time.

Hypatia was a smart and independent thinker.  Harness these super powers with this new set of awesome action figures!


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