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With the relaunch of our website I wanted to give you an idea of what you find on this blog.

Here are 3 main things you’ll find on the Bright Girls(r) Blog:

1. Girlpreneur Stories

We profile awesome girlpreneurs from age 8 to 128 because…

  • They are great role models.  Girls need to see girls and women in business, taking chances, learning new skills, and making money.
  • These businesses deserve our support. If we know about these businesses, we can support them, we can tell our friends and we can buy their products and services.  It’s not easy doing a startup!
  • Being an entrepreneur is challenging. Through regular diary entries from select entrepreneurs we see the actual ups and downs of running a business.
  • Girls are Agents of Change. Girls have a unique perspective and a drive to change the world for the better.  Be inspired by their actions.

2. Business Ideas & Tips

These are ideas for businesses that girls can do and tips to improve those businesses. Our philosophy is that most kids are very busy with important things like school, friends and extracurricular activities so our business ideas are ones that can be done in bursts (a weekend or day here or there) or in ongoing spare time.

We believe any positive experience with entrepreneurialism helps to build the spirit needed to succeed whether you end up starting your own business or working for someone else.

Where do we get our business ideas?

  • From you!   We use the questions you ask at our workshops and speeches and on the blog post comments.  Here are two examples:  A mom and daughter asked for information to start a tutoring business and another mom asked about the safety of her daughter starting a YouTube channel.
  • From our own experience.  I have been involved in businesses in many different industries since I was a young girl, that means I’ve got lots of experience and ideas.

Money & Financial Literacy

Being comfortable with personal finances is important for all kids and especially for girls.  Studies show that girls have much less exposure to money matters.  In fact parents talk to their sons more than their daughters about money.

And There’s More

Keep sending in your ideas, questions and comments.  The best place we can take Bright Girls is where there is a need, and we uncover needs when we hear from you.  Stay in touch, we can’t wait to find out what you have to share next!

Do you have an aspiring girlpreneur in your life?  Bright Girls is here to develop the skills she needs in a fun and engaging way.  Get our book today!  






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