Girlpreneur Diary Entry #1 – Shirley Bazua



Hello Everyone!

As you know from the profile piece on my business Makamas, I am both a full-time student and a full-time entrepreneur.

Last night was a perfect example of how important caffeine is for my sisters and I to make this all work! We were planning a photo shoot at the beautiful Morikami Museum and getting all of our statement pieces and handbags organized to shoot the next day. While planning every spot, pose and outfit for our lovely Makamas models, I was rushing to get my final presentation for my Political and Global Markets class finished. While it’s usually my responsibility to manage what needs to be uploaded on to the website, my sister helped finish managing both the photo shoot and website while I multitasked to get my schoolwork finished.

It was a crazy night, but less crazy because of the support from my sister and my cup of Cuban.

Cheers until next time,



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