3 Quick Ideas to Start Up Your Tutoring Business


When it comes to tutoring, I can speak from personal experience. I was a tutor in high school and I loved it.  The money was good and it was a fabulous way to develop organizational skills and help someone else.  Plus mastering a subject is a great way to build self confidence.

Three ways you can jump into tutoring

1. School Based Tutoring Squad

See if your school has a tutoring squad.  This is an easy way to start because working through the school gives you some instant credibility and the school will find the students for you.  Also the school will usually have a process to evaluate your grades and aptitude in order to assign you to an appropriate subject(s).

2. Finding Your Own Students: School Subjects

In this case you need to demonstrate to the parents and student that you are qualified to be a tutor.

  • Choose a school subject(s) that you have done well in and create a portfolio with the following:
    • Any awards you’ve received in that subject.  For example if you were going to tutor someone in math and you had been awarded any math recognition, you would include it.
    • A reference from a teacher(s)
    • Anything else that’s relevant and would show you are accomplished in the subject.
  • The best way to find students is through word-of-mouth
    • If you’re in high school, reach out to one of your favorite middle school or elementary teachers.  Tell them you are starting to tutor and ask them if they have any students who could currently benefit from your help.  If they don’t have anyone in mind right now, ask them to keep you in mind and ask if you can check back with them in a few weeks.
    • Make up business cards and give them out to your neighbors and friends of your family who have younger kids.  (Of course get approval in advance from your parents/guardian to give out business cards with your contact information).

3. Find Your Own Students: Unique Subject or Skill

There are lots of skills that other kids would love to learn, like how to play chess or code.  Tutors get paid well for these types of specialized subjects.  I know one 14 year old who earned $25-$50 per session teaching coding!  The fee you can charge will vary by your location and the topic.

Again, a great way to find students is through word of mouth, so the tips from #2 would apply here as well.

Other Ways to Find Students:

  • Put signs up at schools and libraries that host relevant events (e.g. a chess competition).
  • Start a blog about your topic.  That way people will learn about you and see that you’re an expert in your topic.  You could tutor far away students who find you via your blog on Skype!
  • Start with one student and grow from there.

I would love to hear about your kids’ tutoring businesses.  What they charge, what topic they tutor, how they found students.  Please share in the comments below or email info@brightgirlscompany.com

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