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Last year at this is time Shirley Bazua was not thinking about e-commerce at all.  She was busy enjoying school and playing collegiate volleyball.  Then it all changed in a blink, when she sustained a serious injury and was told by her doctor that she needed emergency ankle surgery.

Shirley had to leave school and return home for surgery and a long rehabilitation.  In our interview Shirley explained, “Playing volleyball was everything to me, it was devastating.  [After the diagnosis] I saw the negative side of everything. I would never have expected to be back home, in a new school and not playing volleyball.  But then I decided to look at it differently, I thought about how I could take myself toward a positive path. I wanted my coach and my teammates to see that everything happens for a reason, and that I was doing OK.”

Turning it Around With Women Power

Shirley decided to take all the time she had lying around in bed to  start a business.  With a passion for helping others, she knew her business idea needed to include philanthropy.  Specifically she wanted to help young women.  In a beautiful web of she-support, three amazing women in her life helped her get the business going — her mom and her two older sisters.

Making a Difference with Makamas

The Bazua women launched Makamas, an online retail store that curates limited quantities of the latest fashion trends.   They search for unique and exclusive collections of accessories and bags that are available in limited quantities.  Once an item is sold out, they bring in fresh pieces.

Core to their brand is a program called Project Impact.   Each month they select and support a different non-profit or organization – whether it’s through volunteering their time or helping raise funds.

Project Impact allows the founders to bridge their passion for fashion, philanthropy, and travel.  They also use the program to highlight women entrepreneurs and leaders through collaborations, sponsorships, and events. For example in February they worked with Habilitation Center, which provides vocational training for adults with disabilities.  Shirley set up a Gofundme account to raise donations for them.

Hot Picks

I asked Shirley to share some of her current favorite items on the site.  Here are her handpicked items, get them before they are gone!

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