Girlpreneur Diary Entry #2 – Alexis Kauchick


Hey Everyone,

Here is an EE (Eternal Essence Candles) update!

A friend of mine recently graphed out all my orders by candle scent.  In these past three months, we found that based on our website sales  the top five scents are Calm, Ryan-Licht Sang Signature, Arctic Breeze, Lavender, and Florida Spice. This analysis really helps considering we are looking to discontinue scents that are not selling as well and replace them with new ones. I’m getting ready to add a couple new scents for a sophisticated and masculine line which I am so excited to release. It is going to be great!


eternal essence candles

Also, for those of you in South Florida, this Friday at the Back Porch store, Eternal Essence will have its first trunk show. There will be food, drinks, and Mrs. Barbara Nicklaus signing her new cookbook! We are very thrilled to be a part of this and would love anyone in the area to come check it out!

Alexis Kauchick,

Founder Eternal Essence Inc.

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  • Holly Lichtenfeld

    Alexis, I love that you are analyzing your sales and discoing (discontinuing) less productive SKUs. This is very important for a successful company. I’ve seen founders and their teams get emotionally attached to a particular item that isn’t selling and continue to make it even though they shouldn’t.


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