The Girlpreneur Diaries, Coming Soon!


We’ve got a new series coming to the Bright Girls Blog, and I am very excited to share it with you!

The Girlpreneur Diaries Series will be written by Girlpreneurs who are actively building and running a business.  They will post regular diary entries, sharing the good, the ugly and the awesome.  You can follow along with each story as it unfolds, cheering for them, and commiserating too.

We know that starting a business is very challenging and it’s important for girls to take risks and learn from them.  Alexis Kauchik, summed it up perfectly when she enthusiastically agreed to participate.. ” This (The Girlpreneur Diaries) is a great idea and an amazing way to keep everyone updated on the ups and downs of having a company.”

Alexis’s first diary entry about her non-profit Eternal Essence Candles will be posted shortly.  Stay tuned!

Do you have an aspiring girlpreneur in your life?  Bright Girls is here to develop the skills she needs in a fun and engaging way.  Get our book today!  

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