Girlpreneur Diary Entry #1 – Alexis Kauchick


Welcome to the Girlpreneur Diaries!  This series will be written by entrepreneurs who are building and running a business.  They will post regular entries, sharing the good, the ugly and the awesome.  You can follow along with each story as it unfolds, cheering for them, and commiserating too.

I’m excited to announce that our first featured Girlpreneur is the inspiring 17 year old Alexis Kauchick, founder of Eternal Essence Candles, a non-profit that is focused on raising money and improving mental illness education.   You can get the back story on Alexis and her non-profit here.

We last left Alexis pulling late nights to fulfill tens of thousands of dollars in holiday candle sales, here’s what’s going on now:

Dear Bright Girls,

I have two new signature candles for 2016, Forget-Me-Not and ADAP (Adolescent Depression Awareness Program). Both created especially for ADAP with all profits going to the program, which educates high school students, teachers and parents about the illness of depression and bipolar disorder in 19 states and is growing. The ADAP program is a way for young people to reach out for help without feeling ostracized. By creating an educated society and schools, we can reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.  I feel fortunate to have been awarded a two-week internship this May with Dr.Karen Swartz of John Hopkins Medicine, the creator of ADAP.  During my internship I will outreach to schools in Florida that do not have the program currently and talk to them about the program.  I would like to see how the program can be improved to reach a larger, more diverse audience.

I have recently been interviewing lawyers because I need to hire one for my business.  I have learned by circumstance that you do not always hire the first one you meet, even if he or she tells you they are the best around.  This is my business that I have worked long hours to build and I need to find someone that is interested in my company and goals and want to protect my interests.  I have a grouped a strong team together with people who are excited about what is going on in my business and we are a team, this is everyone from my accountant, small business management banker to the reps I work with buying my supplies.  You must feel comfortable with who you hire and trust your business with, I tend to be very nice and just let things roll but I have learned that in business you have to go with your gut feeling or it can be costly.

This past week, we met with a lawyer recommended to us by a friend and he seemed like a perfect addition to the Eternal Essence team. It is so funny to witness the reactions of these lawyer’s when they realize that I, the seventeen year old, am their client!


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