It’s Our Responsibility to Teach Girls About Money

Value of Money

Teaching our kids how to have a healthy relationship with money isn’t a single conversation, it’s a process.  And to most parents it seems daunting, even more intimidating than the birds and bees conversation!

Junior Achievement, a non-profit organization that conducts an annual teen finance survey, found that 84% of teens look to their parents to learn money management, yet more than a third of parents don’t discuss money with their children.  The study also uncovered a gender gap..“specifically, girls are more likely than boys to say their parents don’t talk to them enough about money management (40 percent versus 24 percent)“.  This tells us that with the right tools, you and I have the power to change this gender gap and start the conversation with more of our daughters.

This is why I’m excited to be teaming up with Everbank to share practical tips and insights to get your child on the road to understanding and “owning” their personal finances.

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  • Gail Molnar

    Great article, Holly! Like many from back in the day, I was not taught about money management while growing up. I didn’t know how to shop for groceries until I left home from college, and learned how to balance my checkbook from a friend. My parents were attentive, so I don’t know why I wasn’t taught how to handle money…It’s reassuring to see that you’re encouraging girls (and kids in general) to learn how to manage money early in life.

    • Holly Lichtenfeld

      Hi Gail! Thanks for the support and really nice feedback. I think it’s a thing parents, ours and parents today, just don’t get around to. It’ll be great to make it a more mindful process.

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