You’re Going to Love this SOB

SOB spunky old broad

How do I know you’re going to love this SOB (Spunky Old Broad)?  Because she proves the point, once a girlpreneur, always a girlpreneur!

Early in her career Dr. Gayle Carson launched a chain of career schools, a talent agency, and convention service business which she grew to seven offices.  She then sold the company and launched her next career as a coach, consultant and speaker. She has created an impressive series of books, CD and DVD programs and worked with over 1000 clients in 50 different industries.

This septuagenarian is now cleverly branded as The Spunky Old Broad.  She is seen on major media and is recognized as an expert on boomer age women and beyond, who are dealing with a variety of issues from careers, to family and more.

What impressed me about Dr. Carson when I heard her speak at a recent event, was not only her passion and energy, but the importance of her work.  Having the right people to guide and help us at all the different stages of our career and life makes the journey better.

Bright Girls:  What’s been one of the favorite things you’ve done since you launched Spunky Old Broad?

Dr. Gayle Carson: I can’t really pick just one.  I guess it’s the fact that as the Spunky Old Broad I can say and do what I want.  I don’t take any prisoners!

Bright Girls:  What do you find is the most pressing issue for the women you work with?

Dr. Gayle Carson: Again, not just one issue.  Most are experiencing stress for a number of reasons, but the main thing is they aren’t happy.

BG: You’ve created SOB clubs – why did you decide to do clubs?  Why do you feel this is important?

Dr. Gayle: I created the clubs so women over 50 would have a place to go and discuss issues they couldn’t anywhere else.  It’s not a chamber or a Red Hat.  It’s for people who want to talk about things that are common to that age group.

BG: I know that you put a lot of energy into mentoring boomer+ women and that you believe, like I do, that mentoring and networking are keys to success and a more enjoyable journey.  What advice do you have for school aged girls when it comes to mentoring?

Dr. Gayle: As at any age, its getting the right one (mentor).  And you may have to change them as you go along.

If you know someone who could benefit from connecting with other women and aspires to be an SOB, have them check out the SOB Clubs.

You can hear Dr. Gayle Carson and Holly Lichtenfeld in conversation on Dr. Carson’s radio show here.

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