It’s Blue Skies for the Drone Industry, What Does That Mean for Us?


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Have you heard the buzz? The $3.3 billion drone industry is expected to add 500,000 to a million drones to our skies this holiday season through brisk consumer sales.  Inc Magazine recently shared this prediction from industry insider Keith Kaplan, “Drones are the most accessible business opportunity we’ve had in aviation in 60 years.”  He went on to add that some experts estimate that the value of the drone industry will reach $90 billion by 2025.”

I was in my car this week, navigating the congested streets, when I heard a news feature on drones.  I gazed up and really thought about what I was seeing; blue sky, white serene clouds, a flock of birds, an airplane (a small speck, quite high up in the sky) and some telephone poles. I began to wonder if these relatively clear skies will soon be a distant memory.  Will we live in a Jetson’s like reality, where the sky is littered with small mechanized aircraft buzzing to-and-fro as they deliver our Amazon packages, snap photos or are just taken out for a joy ride?

Once this industry grows and we’ve got the next set of billionaires, tied to the drone industry, will we be able to get our blue skies back? Will we be able to point out rainbows to our kids?

What do you think?

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