DIY: Your Little Restaurant Entrepreneur


This activity is girl-tested and girl approved (just like our book!).  It touches on creativity, math, organization, and running a business.

Today you get to open a restaurant!

Step One:  Come up with a name for your restaurant.  It can be your name, it can be related to the type of food you’ll be selling at your restaurant, or it can just be something fun.

Examples of Bright Girls Restaurant Names:

  • Kylie’s Café
  • Lucy’s Lobster Shack
  • Delish Dessert
  • YUM!
  • B&B (Breakfast & Brunch!)

Step Two:  Decide what kind of food you’re going to serve.

Here are some options:

You can create real food (always get an adult’s permission before doing anything in the kitchen). It’s easy to keep it simple by creating a finger food only menu.  Think of things like cheese and crackers, fruits, fresh veggies & dip; stuff you don’t have to cook.  Or you can a do a dessert or breakfast menu.


Use pretend food that you already own (plastic or wood toy food)


Use paper & cardboard to create pretend food (it’s always great to upcycle materials that are lying around your house).

Step Three:  Create a menu.

You can write the menu on a piece of paper or create it on a computer.  You can make the menu quickly or spend time to make it look special.  Here are some ideas to make it fabulous: a border, drawings of food or other things, color, etc.

Your menu should include:

  • Name of your restaurant at the top
  • The items you’ll be selling at your restaurant and the price of each item

Step Four:  Find your customers.

You can:

  • Use pretend customers (stuffed animals, dolls, etc)
  • Recruit Friends, Parents, Sisters, Brothers

Step Five:

We borrow money from one of our board games, make some money from paper, or use a credit card that came with a toy cash register.  We give that money to our customers before we open the restaurant. 

Open for business!  You can be the host and seat people (you can even have them call ahead to make a reservation).  Then you go to each table, give them the menu, and then take their order.  Next you make and deliver the food.  When there is more than one friend running the restaurant they take turns taking the orders, delivering the food, and being the chef who puts the food together.  If there is only one girl playing she does it all!

When your customers are done eating you give them a check.  The check will have the food they ordered and the price of each of the items.  You add up all the prices to give them the total amount they owe.   Your customers can pull out the money or credit card they have and pay  you give them any change they are owed.

There are so many ways to learn through play!

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