Bright Girls® Girlpreneur Holiday Gift Guide

Can you give a gift that Changes Your World?  I think so.

Our Girlpreneur Holiday Gift Guide gives you amazing, unique gift ideas created by women and girls that will thrill the girl, boy, man or woman in your life.  These gifts will enable the lucky recipient to see themselves and/or their world in a new way.

I’m very excited to share these hand selected finds with you!


IamElemental, Created by Julie Kerwin

IAmElemental is the toy company that pioneered strong, healthy female action figures that allow girls (and boys) to envision themselves as powerful and connected beings at the center of a story of their own making. These are action figures like you haven’t seen them before!  Give a child a different toy and she’ll create a different story.


Courage Female Action Figures – Complete Set in Lunchbox Carry Case: The set includes all seven Series 1/Courage 4″ IAmElemental action figures, representing Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence and Fear.  The set includes seven drawstring carry bags, shields, interchangeable accessories, Elements of Power charts, and 14 trading cards, as well as an IAmElemental workbook and an adjustable bracelet which enable the action figures’ shields to be worn as charms.  Available for $65.00 at and select retailers.


Green Toys, Co-Founded by Laurie Hyman

Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic GreenToys are simply designed in beautiful colors that make playtime all about imagination and tactile play. Their minimal, recyclable packaging has earned them the Greener Packaging award.


Green Toys Rocket: 3-2-1 blast off  with this rocket that launches into another eco-friendly deep-space mission. Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs – Available for $25 or easily find another Green Toy by age, category and price here


Yellow Scope, Co-Founded by Kelly McCollum and Marcie Colledge

After meeting Kelly and Marcie I remembered that I had played with my older brother’s spent chemistry kit (there was very little left by the time I got to it).   It just never occurred to my younger self to ask my parents for my own kit. With their rigorous science kits for girls,  Yellow Scope is making sure girls know that science is for them.   Let’s get those girls rolling up their lab coat sleeves! (yes, they sell lab coats too)

bright girlsLearn more and order a Yellow Scope Science Kit Here



Yellowberry, Founded by Megan Grassel

Megan created Yellowberry after taking her younger sister on her first bra shopping trip. Megan was shocked to find that the bras were totally innapropriate for a young tween/teenager.  She was 17 and she set out to create cute, colorful and comfortable bras for girls, ones that would  fit them and their bodies,  not the body that they are “supposed” to have.  This is a super aspirational brand and a great choice for a gift that’s functional and very fun.

yellowberry_giftguide copy

Scout Seacell bra, Moonbeam ($44): All new, this is another thoughtfully designed Yellowberry bra made with a fabric called Seacell. Seacell is made from renewable resources and is exceptionally soft.  Learn more about this fabric and  you’ll understand why Megan selected it.  Also pictured are awesome stocking stuffer ideas: Tweetberry Headband ($12) and Berry Sock ($12) with pompoms!



Donations are a wonderful thing anytime of year, but they are especially perfect to do in someone’s honor for the holidays.  Here are some causes near and dear to girlpreneurs’ hearts.

GEMS_logo_hiresVivienne Harr, started a global movement when she ran her lemonade stand for 365 days to raise $100,000 to help end child slavery.  Her work continues on with her family’s bottled Make A Stand Lemon-Aid.  The domestic organization she supports and you can too, is: GEMS (Girls Education and Mentoring Services) – a New York City based organization focused on fighting human trafficking.


Kayla Abramowitz, founded the non-profit Kayla Cares 4 Kids, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that collects educational and entertainment items and donates them to children’s hospitals nationwide.  She uncovered this need during her own extensive hospital stays.  Donations can be made to Kayla Cares 4 Kids.


Logo World Wildlife FundMany girls I speak to and work with adore animals.  The World Wildlife Fund has a great adopt a species program so that the special someone in your life can become educated, empathetic and receive a wonderful gift too (plush stuffed animal for example).


Beauty Hereos, Founded by Jeannie Jarnot

Through Beauty Heroes Jeannie delivers hand selected, safer, non-toxic skincare every month.  Each item is cruelty-free and customized to the season.  It’s a gift that educates and delights all year!


Learn more and order Here

Myabetic, Founded by Kyrra Richards 

Kyrra Richard brings positivity and style to the daily diabetes regimen through her unique accessories.  If someone you love is diabetic, you should definitely check out Myabetic and their fresh twist  on fashionable diabetes accessories.

Clemens_Pink 1Learn more and order Myabetic products Here

Wishing you happy, meaningful shopping!  Go Girlpreneurs!




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