Halloween as a Girl Power Phenomenon

I love Halloween.  When I lived in San Francisco the parties would go on all week.  I’d make a few costumes so that I didn’t have to wear the same one twice. kira_kitty

Then when I had kids, the holiday took on a whole new dimension.  Those kiddos are adorable every day, but put that girl in a tiger costume and man the cute rating goes off the charts.

This year I’m looking at Halloween through a new lens.  The inspiration comes from all the fantastic women I interact with daily who are introducing girls to a whole new world.

My new perspective on Halloween started when I saw a photo of a young girl dressed at Comicon as Honesty, one of the new iamelemental.com characters.  She is in a power pose flanked by beautiful, powerful wings.

What amazing, fun and powerful things can girls be this Halloween?  I’m excited to see!

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