eBay Girls Guide: 5 Valuable Lessons Kids Learn From Selling on eBay



I’ve found that eBay is a fabulous way for kids to learn lots of great lessons while earning some cash.

Recently during a big bedroom cleanup my son discovered he had a variety of things he could sell on eBay.  In fact he sold this Florida field trip find to a purchaser in California.  You know what they say, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.  And this is one treasure I was happy to get out of the house!

The 5 valuable lessons kids learn from selling on eBay while earning some cash :

  1. Economics:  Supply and demand and how these two factors affect price.
  2. Competition & Price:  He had to research each item to figure out how to price it.  If the item didn’t move, he then decided if he should adjust the price.
  3. Shipping: Finding the right box, measuring the dimensions and figuring out how shipping cost impacts the overall price to the buyer.
  4. Follow Through:  Taking a photo and listing the item with a good write up and pertinent details (this involves online research too).  Then regularly checking the items to see if they sold.  Once something is sold, boxing it up and shipping the item quickly to get a good rating (which positively impacts future sales).
  5. Cost of Doing Business:  Once an item is sold, eBay and Paypal fees are taken out.  This shows kids that companies that provide a valuable service get their cut of the sale.

I had my son use my account.  eBay’s underage policy is that kids can sell their goods online with supervision from an adult.  Read more about eBay’s underage user policy here.

The valuable lesson parents learn: When you send a kid on a field trip with a little cash, the unexpected can and will come home with them.

Stay tuned for our next post on tips and tricks to make your eBay kid seller experience the best it can be!

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