Be Inspired to Create A Great Work Space

Do you love or hate the space where you work?

I have worked in some drab, uninspired, no-natural-light-in-sight places.   You know, those offices that feel like you’re at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).   And I have to admit, I did not like it one bit.  It is infinitely more inspiring and fun to work in a visually appealing environment.

In my book Your Own Business Can Be Great I introduce the girls to the idea of creating and loving your space.  I invite them to take the “Imagine your Own Biz Quiz” followed by an activity that has the young reader create and design the kind of office she’d like to work in.

To bring more “pop” into this design discussion and get us all inspired, I  spoke with Cassie Hughes, Co-Founder of Grow Marketing, and co-creator of a truly incredible space.

First let’s start with the eye candy.  This is where the lucky Grow Marketing team gets to spend their days:

Bright Girls: What was your thought process with your new space?

Cassie Hughes: We wanted to create an open environment, one that was inspiring to people who work here.  We think out of the box for our clients and our work is very creative. It was important that our team be visually and energetically inspired.

We started by choosing an old San Francisco heritage building made of masonry and brick, with tons of natural light.  Then we infused the space with our personality and an eclectic vibe.  It’s not matchy matchy.

We wanted something that was visually arresting.  The space includes different areas, different pods, each with a unique feeling. We use things like color variation and a range from traditional to more modern to achieve this eclectic, diverse vibe.

The result is congregation nooks and crannies; couches and chairs gathered together so people can work collaboratively. Our design facilitates interaction between groups and departments.

We don’t have a lot of walls but we do have lots of snacks!  (and a sit down area in the kitchen).

The end result is that it feels like us, while preserving the heritage of the building.

Bright Girls: What advice would you give a girl if she was designing her own office or work space?

CH: Take your time with it, have fun.  You want a space that will make you feel empowered and happy.  Think about the things that make you feel good.  If you don’t like sitting all day, get a stand up desk.   If you don’t like colors, don’t use them even if your best friend tells you that you need bright colors.

You can get great ideas online.  There are so many inspirational websites, including fabric sites.  Create an inspirational mood board or do a collage.  Discover what you like: prints, graphics, or do you like simple wall color?

We’re taught, be smart, lead with our heads, not your heart.  But our sense of gut and intuition is one of the strongest things we have.  Use your heart and your brain, and most importantly have fun.

With a little encouragement and guidance, the next generation of girlpreneurs will ensure that happy and healthy work environments are the norm.  Here’s to inspired work environments for all!  

Do you have an aspiring girlpreneur in your life?  Bright Girls is here to develop the skills she needs in a fun and engaging way.  Get our book today! 

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