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operation critter

Young girlpreneurs have a unique way of seeing the world.  Samantha Frenck is nine years old and in the fourth grade.  She volunteers at her local animal shelter.  With her empathetic eye she noticed that there weren’t any toys for the volunteers to use when playing with the dogs and cats.  Recently I spoke to her and she shared with me “I thought about my dog and how much he, Rascal, likes to play.  He has so much fun with his toys. I want to make sure that every animal at the shelter has that same great experience.”  She knows that her dog plays with his toys even when her family isn’t at home and she doesn’t see why animals that are living in shelters can’t have those same playful and happy moments.

With guidance from her dad she created Operation Critter, a website that collects donations for animal shelters.  She has already been contacted by a few shelters that are sending her their wish lists.  She also has been invited to go on a tour of another local shelter.

She is very clear on her mission “We don’t donate food and medicine. We donate extra comforts, things like toys and treats.  The shelters rarely have money left over for extras.  What I’m doing is about love and happiness”

Samantha went on to explain “I’m looking forward to giving the toys to the animals personally.  I can’t wait to see how excited they get about the items!”

How your girlpreneur can build a website:

Samantha and her dad were happy to share with me how she built her site so that other girlpreneurs can support their passions, or just build a site for fun.

  • The site is built in wix

There is a free version.   Wix provides templates and you can manipulate pictures and text without knowing code.   This was a great choice because Samantha can build and maintain the site.  For example she adds a custom paw print for all donors at $10+ level.

  • They take the donations via paypal.

They were able to make a button and then link the paypal account to the button.   This is nice because paypal is very well known and widely used.

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