A Great Sign Increases Lemonade Stand Sales



It’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of kids run a lemonade stand each year in the U.S. Simply setting up the stand, making the lemonade, selling it and handling money is a great experience for any child.

But how about if we dial it up a notch.  There’s an opportunity for kids to have fun and learn even more from their experience.

Your Sign Makes A Difference

You can increase your sales by having a strong sign.  We recommend you test two different signs, with two different messages. Change one prominent part of the sign. If you’re doing a stand for two hours, use one sign for the first half hour, the second sign for the next half hour and then use the sign that did the best for the remaining time.

Here are the two signs we tested.  The main message of the first sign is that it’s a lemonade stand. The main message of the second sign is that the proceeds will be donated to a cause.

Which one do you think did better?

lemonade standsave_pandas_sign

The second sign, the one that clearly says “Save The Pandas” had people stopping their cars and pulling over to buy the lemonade, whereas very few people pulled over when the first sign was up. With the first sign, the girls sold lemonade only to people who were walking by, but that second sign stopped people in their tracks!

I interviewed Vivienne Harr, an elementary school student,  who ran a stand for 365 consecutive days.  Along with an online social media campaign, she used her lemonade stand to raise $100,000 for her cause.  Vivienne had the same experience with her sign.

On day 21 Vivienne changed the sign to be more clear that she was raising money for a cause.  And she also added the message “Pay What’s in Your Heart”.  She also came up with this great slogan “This lemonade is not for sale, because kids are not for sale.”  Customers could now pay nothing or pay $100 for their cup of lemonade.  That day someone gave her $120!

It’s lemonade stand season!  Pick a day for the family to get out there, have some fun, and test a sign.  Come back and share with us how it went for you and what you learned!

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