DIY: More Sweet Success with Chocolate!

Have you read our eBook Sweet Success?  It’s FREE when you sign up for our email updates.  In it Kylie and Lucy create a new twist on the ‘ol lemonade stand.  In this “More Sweet Success” blog series we’re giving you some other ideas on how to get creative and give your lemonade stand a lift!

Of course lemonade is what attracts customers to a lemonade stand, but you don’t have to stop there.  A little creativity can increase your sales!  (And if it’s not lemonade stand weather where you live, these are fun to make any time of year).

Adding Hershey’s® chocolate decorative crafts to our holiday lemonade stand doubled our sales.  The girls ran the stand from 11am – 1pm and in two hours made $20 from selling lemonade and $20 from selling the chocolate items for a total of $40!

The adorable mice work any time of year.  Seasonal items are great sellers when you do them at the appropriate time of year.

The Hershey’s folks explain that these creations (which use glue) shouldn’t be eaten, so the girls came up with a great idea of filling the inside of the chocolate tree with some edible chocolate kisses and then sealed it closed with a piece of felt.   The mice were sold along with two extra Hershey’s kisses that could be eaten.

You’ll find how to make the chocolate crafts here.


P.S. The girls also made the chocolate mice as a gift for their science teacher who has mice, rats, and other assorted animals in her lab.  It was thoughtful and the teacher loved it!


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