Charity Cha-Ching: Selling Lemonade for a Cause


Have you read our eBook Sweet Success?  It’s FREE when you sign up for our email updates.  In this “More Sweet Success” blog series we’re giving you some other ideas on how to get creative and give the lemonade stand a lift!

What do you think of a lemonade stand that makes $50 in just a couple of hours?  We think it is pretty awesome.

We’re passionate about pandas and when we do a lemonade stand to raise money for those cuddly bears, apparently our passion is contagious.

We were thrilled to find that many customers not only paid for their lemonade but also donated extra money too. As a result we are making great progress on our goal of raising $1000 for the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C.    Check out their pandacam and you might catch panda fever too!

Three things that made our stand successful:

1. A sign that clearly explained the money was going to a cause.

2. Enthusiasm:

    • The girls did cartwheels and waved. It was clear they were having a great time and this also caught the attention of people passing by.
    • They enthusiastically explained about the pandas and the zoo.

3. A fun and eye catching stand.  The girls wore panda t-shirts and created a great display.

You can make your lemonade stand uniquely you.  What are you passionate about?

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