Book Update #1: Behind the Scenes with Bright Girls


I’m excited to share this update with you!

The first Bright Girls book Your Own Business Can Be Great is written and the quizzes and activities have been tested by girls. The book tells the story of two girls (Kylie and Lucy) who take a brand new business concept from idea to execution.

Right now we are busy finishing up the illustrations for the book. This week we’re working on the illustrations for a part of the book where the girls run into a problem.  It’s vital for girls to learn that it’s important to try new things and that when you do it’s natural to hit challenges.  It’s how you handle the challenge that matters!

The sketch above shows Kylie giving Lucy support when they hit a bump in the road. The way we develop each illustration for the book is pretty cool. The illustrator, Rhiannon, hand draws the image I’ve described in the manuscript.  She uses the sketch to figure out the placement and poses of the characters and to develop their expressions. Once we’ve agreed on all that she creates the actual detailed computer illustration.

We’re making great progress and should be done very soon.  I’ll send another update shortly!

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All the best,
Holly, Bright Girls Founder and champion of girlpreneurs everywhere!

P.S. – While you are waiting for the book, don’t forget we have interviews with interesting Girlpreneurs, Business Tips, and DIY (do it yourself) activities on our website.

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