Take Note! Girls Are Inventors.

Girl Inventors

This DIY involves post-it notes and a book you can find at your local library…

My daughter came home with this cool little nugget of a nonfiction book Girls Think of Everything, Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women by Catherine Thimmesh.  It looked interesting so I sat down to read it myself.  On page three I came across this sticky note my daughter had written.


Excellent question Kira.  What is up with that?  Why don’t we know the important things women have invented?  As I read further I had to admit I would have assumed almost every invention featured in the book was done by a guy.

So what do you think?  Which (if any of these) were invented by a woman?

  • Silk
  • Medical Syringe
  • Fire Escape
  • Windshield Wiper

I’m no spoiler; you’ve got to read the book to find out!

If you and the kids in your life read this book you’ll learn about confidence, tenacity, and girl powered innovation.  Instead of wondering why we don’t know about women inventors, you’ll be thinking things like this about those inventors:



DIY: As your child reads the book have her jot on post-it notes what she finds surprising, interesting, and new.   Have her number her 5 favorite inventions from #1 to #5.   If she’s really into it she can describe what she thinks of the women in the book.  I think you’ll both be surprised by what the notes reveal!

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  • Barbara

    WOW! What a great start for a wonderful and long overdue idea. Can’t wait to see the book.

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