Yasso Founder Shares That Girls Find Power in Team Sports

Yasso Founder Amanda Klane

“Why do you play soccer? “ I asked my 10 year old daughter.

She responded with a big smile. “It’s fun.  I get to be with a team.  I like sports, being outside, and I like the game.”

It was a great answer.  Just what you would hope a girl would be getting out of participating in a sport.   But there’s even better news.  She’s getting far more out of this experience than she realizes.

I was recently at a Consumer Goods Technology conference where Amanda Klane, the 25 year old co-founder of Yasso® (makers of the first ever frozen greek yogurt bars) presented.  As she shared the tale of her company’s development which included earning a degree from Ice Cream Camp (sign me up!), she mentioned how important team sports have been to her success.

Being the mom of a soccer loving tween, I was keen to hear more about her emphasis on sports and the role it played in preparing her for success and shaping who she is today.  I contacted Amanda to learn more.

Amanda explained, “I played soccer most of my life for many of the same reasons as when I was 10 to 12:  friendship and teamwork. Some of the girls I met playing soccer when I was younger continue to be my closest friends. Getting to spend every afternoon with your friends is always a fun time. The teamwork aspect of the game was always fun, too. You won together and you lost together.”

Drawing the connection between her earlier years playing soccer and launching and building a business, she added,Playing soccer has definitely influenced the success we have had in growing Yasso. Teamwork was important on the field and continues to be important in our work environment. Being a small company fighting against the ‘big guys’, you need to make sure you use your ability to work together and be nimble, in order to gain a competitive advantage. Also, determination and focus are vital to keeping on track and not giving up when things don’t work out like you plan. You’re not going to win every battle and it’s important to figure out the mistakes you made and ensure you do not make them again. I think playing D1 (division one) soccer also taught me how to organize my priorities, which I’ve learned is key in running a business. There is a lot going on and being able to stay on top of your tasks is huge.”

Through Yasso, Amanda has created a new category and a brand that is successfully sold in more than 15,000 U.S. retail locations proving that team sports are a gateway to very good things.

Friendship, teamwork, tenacity and prioritization are the things that Amanda attributes to her sports experience.  Knowing your daughter is not only getting a good workout but is learning skills that will help her be successful in the future makes it even easier to sit back and enjoy the game.

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