DIY: Tools Kids Can Use, PowToon

Have your kids tried PowToon yet?  It’s free, easy to use and it’s great for school, fun, and of course Girlpreneur stuff!  We found out about it when a science teacher in our school had the kids use it for their class presentations.

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In the eBook we talk about lemonade stands that involve your interests, activities, or a cause.  PowToon is a perfect way to bring your lemonade stand to life and spread the word.  It’s easy to create a PowToon animated video about your lemonade stand.  They have easy to follow instructions and built-in animation tools.

If you’re raising money for a cause you can include that in your animated video. Got the best lemonade in town?  Is it fresh squeezed?   That’s the kind of great stuff you can include.  Whether it’s for a real or pretend lemonade stand, it’s fun to create the animation and watch it go.

Check out this PowToon that Kira and her friend did for their lemonade stand.  It’s something we can easily share on social media, text or email to friends, supporters and past donors.

Click here to see the animation

If you need help with Powtoon we found this very helpful page on their site.

Happy creating!   We’d love to see your creations.  Share with us via Email, Facebook, or Twitter!  And please use #brightgirls on any social media so we can follow what you’re up to.

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