Justin Bieber And A Lesson In Money

Let’s make a commitment to teach the girls in our lives about money and investing because having control of our personal finances is the path to financial independence for all women and girls.

Girls have revealed that parents teach our sons about money more frequently than we do our daughters.  Junior Achievement, a non-profit organization that conducts an annual teen finance survey, uncovered a gender gap in their recent survey..“specifically, girls are more likely than boys to say their parents don’t talk to them enough about money management (40 percent versus 24 percent)“.

In my latest article for Everbank, I tackle how to make money and investing interesting.  I also chart out some simple steps to start a hands-on process.

The article can be found here “What Justin Bieber Taught My Kids About Investing”

Full disclosure, when I took my son through the process I outline, he was immediately interested.  Yet when we kicked off the same process with our daughter, she didn’t bite in the same way.  Is it a personality difference?  A gender difference? Was he in 7th grade, while we talked to her in 6th grade (can’t remember exactly when we started the conversation with him).   Whatever the reason is for her lack of interest, I’m going to table the discussion for 6 months and revisit it with her again.  Money is a bit like the birds and bees.  It doesn’t all happen in one conversation.  It’s a process that happens over time as your child matures.  And I know she learned a bunch of things from the conversation.

The imporant thing is that if you expose her to money; how to get it, manage it and grow it, she’ll be out ahead with every little message you impart.  Plus maybe my article will help you get a new perspective on Bieber, which will make hearing his song ‘Sorry” for the zillionth time, just a little more bearable.

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