eBay Girls Guide: Tips & Tricks

Today’s post is the third installment in my eBay Girls Guide series.  eBay is as an excellent way for kids to learn about business first-hand while making some money!

In this installment I’ll reveal tips & tricks my kids learned to help make their selling more successful.  (You’ll probably want to check out the Quick Start post too.)

My son recently had 6 items up for sale, some of which were pretty “unique” and he sold them all in 2-3 weeks for a total of about $105 in gross sales, approximately $95 in net sales (after eBay fees were taken out).  It took him about 4 hours, which means he made over $20 per hour.

Tip #1: Get the correct shipping cost before you list

As we discovered, not following tip #1 can cost you money!

When you are listing an item find a box that you are sure is the correct size and will fit both the item(s) and any packaging material you need to add to keep the item from getting damaged.  Then weigh and measure the packed box.   Shipping is included in the seller user process and eBay has great information on shipping ,  but if you don’t plan ahead it will cost you money.

My son did the pre-planning shipping process outlined above for all but one item.  The one item he didn’t actually find a box for was a figurine with an odd shape.  He measured the object but he didn’t fit it in a box with packing material.  When it sold and he put it in an actual box he found that the odd shape piece needed a bigger box than he had estimated.  While the weight didn’t change, the dimensions of this new box increased the shipping cost from $6 to $9.

Tip #2: Take responsibility, deliver great customer service, keep your excellent rating

What did my son do about the gap in the shipping?  He covered the extra $3 from his profit and he sent a message to the buyer explaining what happened and that he was going to cover the difference.

Tip #3: Watch the watch list

My son found that the most obscure item he listed (an alligator head), was being looked at but not being placed on anyone’s watch list.  Meanwhile the Archie comic books were selling quickly. Frequently they would be watched and then the watcher would convert to a purchaser.

He used this information to adjust his price on the alligator head, which then meant this item didn’t sit on the site and get stale.  He ended up reducing the price of the alligator head and selling it.  I believe if he hadn’t come up with this strategy it very well would not have been sold, and I would still have that “thing” in my house.  So I totally endorse the watch the watch list approach!

Tip #4: Look for opportunities to bundle items

Archies eBay

Archies Comics on eBay

The hottest items in this round of selling were bundles of Archie’s comic books.  By looking at other listings he discovered that while a single comic book was only worth about $1, bundling them would get you $15 to $25 per purchase.  This approach works because then the buyer is more willing to pay for shipping since the cost is spread across so many items.



I’m excited to hear about your selling experiences, please come back and share them either here in the comments or on social media (@brightgirlsco on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).  Look for more posts coming soon to the eBay Girls Guide series!

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