Girls as Makers in Bright Girls Kickstarter Campaign

The Bright Girls Kickstarter campaign is a book and activities that teach girls about business in a fun and engaging way.  It shows two girls who are makers and girlpreneurs.  The characters, Lucy and Kylie come up with a unique bracelet band concept, they test their idea,  learn how to source materials, price and market their product, and of course create it.

I have attended maker faires with my children and my son has participated in some of the mini faires with his robotics team.  But until I saw this graphic I didn’t realize just how gigantic and dynamic the maker movement has become.  Approximately 135 million adults in the United States are makers!

Glad to be part of this huge creative movement  as I show young girls how to make and then monetize.  Get your girls involved and learn more about our campaign here!

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A Movement in the Making

A Movement in the Making
Infographic by CustomMade



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